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Mole Catcher Cranleigh

MPC Mole Control Cranleigh offer a friendly and professional service throughout Cranleigh 7 days a week.
I am a registered BTMR members ( British Traditional Mole catchers Register) and only catch moles using the safest and humane method of trapping.
All my traps are Child, Pet and Animal friendly as they are all set underground and out of sight.

Mole Control Cranleigh offer a NO MOLE NO FEE service and will usually catch the mole in the first 24 hours for a fixed price of £150. Remember if I don’t catch your mole you don’t need to pay anything.
Year after year the famous mole makes an appearance on lawns and farms all over Cranleigh driving the land owners round the bend with mole hills popping up all over the place. This is when my experience as a Mole Catcher in Cranleigh is essential.

I will find the main runs used by the moles to catch them quickly and humanly.
Moles are active feeding every 4 hours and can eat up to 2/3 of their body weight every day with the earthworm among their favourite food source.They prefer certain types of soil and can quickly destroy a lawn in Cranleigh overnight.

If you would like to ask me any questions regarding your mole problem then I am always happy to help.

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