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Using my skills and experience as a Mole Catcher I can bring a quick end to your mole problem. I also offer a NO MOLE NO FEE policy and will usually catch the mole in the first 24 hours but in the unlikely event I am unable to catch your moles then there is absolutely no charge!

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Do You Need A Mole Catcher In Surrey?

When moles move on to your land they are after one thing – Food. The main food source for the mole is the earthworms although they will eat insects and larvae. By digging long tunnels it allows the worms to drop into them ready for an easy meal. Most people with an average size garden will normally have just the one mole. It is not unusual to remove up to 10 moles from a larger area like a farmers field.
Moles tend to like loose soil with moisture which helps them to dig but more importantly it is perfect for the earthworms which are essential.
I use the traditional method for mole control in Surrey which is mole trapping. This ensures a fast and humane end to your mole problem.

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Safe & Effective Control

Most people have never seen the elusive mole as they spend most of their time underground but an infestation is obvious due to the soil the moles dig up to create their tunnel systems leaving mole hills all over the ground. This is when you need to call the mole catcher Surrey.
After assessing your needs for mole catching I will set traps in the tunnels bringing a quick end to your mole problem.

All our traps are checked every 24 hours and our traps are maintained thoroughly for the humane control of the moles.

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