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Mole Control Surrey offer a friendly and professional mole control service 7 days a week.

We are registered with BTMR (British Traditional Mole catchers Register) and we control moles only using the traditional method of mole trapping in Surrey.
Our mole control service starts from £150 with a no mole no fee policy. So if we don’t catch a mole you won’t pay a penny and that’s a guarantee.

Every year moles make an appearance on lawns and farms all over Surrey causing unsightly mole hills damaging lawn mowers and agricultural equipment. There are many myths on how to get rid of moles but the truth is there is only one way and that is to call a professional Mole Control Surrey expert.

By determining where the moles main runs are and feeding areas are we will set traps in these runs trapping the moles humanly. With moles being active every 4 hours or so they can cause massive amounts of damage in a small space of time.

Mole control Surrey check all traps every 24 hours and will not use any gases or poisons at any time.

Local hardware stores sell diy mole traps but unfortunately these are ineffective. Traps need to be set in certain mole runs using the correct mole control traps to be effective and this only comes with experience.

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I catch moles in Guildford, Woking, Dorking, Lingfield, Cobham, Horsham, Farnborough and all surrounding areas.

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