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Mole Control Horsham

Having problems with a mole tearing up the lawn?

I am a traditional mole catcher based near Gatwick Airport offering my expert mole control Horsham service for just £150.
A traditional mole catcher only uses traps unlike pest control companies who will use gases and poisons causing suffering to the moles. My method of trapping is quick and effective with most moles caught within the first 24 hours.

Like all traditional mole catchers I charge no set up fees or for checking traps but only when I have caught the mole. This shows I am skilled and have a wide knowledge regarding moles.

I am a member of the BTMR ( British Traditional Mole Catchers Register) and have been catching moles in Horsham for the last 10 years.
My traps are set underground so they are out of reach of children and pets. Each trap is finely tuned to catch and kill the mole quickly unlike gases or poisons.
A normal garden would have just the one mole as they are territorial but if left without being caught they can breed quickly meaning more moles and more mole hills on your prized lawn.

If you would like to have your mole problem quickly resolved then please feel free to contact me regarding your Mole Control in Horsham.

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