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Can You Catch Moles Alive?

This is probably the most common question I get asked as a professional mole catcher.

Unfortunately the answer is no.

Below are the reasons why

1. Not many people realise that moles feed on a 4 hour cycle day and night. If we were to trap the mole alive then we would have to return every 4 hours day and night to check the trap to avoid the mole dying of starvation. If this was an option the customer would have to pay a call out fee day and night each time the trap is checked and would cost anywhere between £60-£100 per visit!

2. If we could catch the mole what would we do with it? Moles are very territorial therefore they can only be released into a non infested area which by law must be private land. It must also have a sufficient food source which means it must have a vacant tunnel system for the mole to feed straight away.

how to catch moles alive

The only way to effectively control moles is to trap them which as you may have found out is a lot harder than it sounds.

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